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Today, T&H Packaging?is goanna?introduce 15 best things to do with baling twine, which will be greatly helpful for the process of using baling twine, firstly we’d like to give you all the definition of the use of baling twine. “Baling twine is used in farming to bind straw or hay bales together (small square, large square, and large round bales) and can be used as rope; it is also strong and durable, so can be used for many rope like applications.” Above is the definition given by Wikipedia.

Arguably every hay grower has had a rich experience dealing with twine, especially when it comes with baling. Most famers know what they have to do with the twine after they bought the twine from dealers, but few knows what to do with it after the twine cut off from the bales.

Tomato Twine

Buying specialized tomato twine makes sense for large gardens with long rows of tomatoes. For smaller scale operations, baling twine is a perfectly acceptable solution.


Sometimes a belt doesn’t cut it. That is where baling twine suspenders come in handy. Always close at hand on the farm, baling twine is there to keep your pants where they belong.


It is a universal fact that pants get looser over the course of the day. On the farm, that means a baling twine belt is sometimes the only thing between you and saggy pants. Whether you braid your baling twine belt from 12 strands or stick with a single piece, baling twine belts are always in style.

Fence repair

Baling twine is the go-to solution for fence repair. Whether it’s electric, wire, or wood, baling twine patches gaps and secures damaged boards until you can come back to make a full repair.

Shoe laces

When a farmer’s shoe lace gives out, there is only one acceptable solution – baling twine. Baling twine is also useful for keeping old barn shoes together until you can find your duct tape.

Toilet paper roll holder

Barn bathrooms aren’t always state of the art. Baling twine and a nail are all you need to make a quick toilet paper or paper towel holder.

Hair tie

Keep long locks out of your way with a short piece of baling twine.

Lead rope

Save yourself some money and make your own lead ropes using a clip and braided baling twine, or fasten a quick release knot to make an emergency lead or tie for your animals.

Tailgate saver

Farm trucks and their tailgates have complicated relationships. Tailgate cables give out over time, usually at an inconvenient moment. Baling twine offers a quick (and sometimes permanent) fix.


Make a trellis for your beans and other climbing vegetables using baling twine.

Sled Handle

Baling twine makes perfect replacement sled handles, and also makes it easy to transform a tarp, bin, or barrel into a work sled for garden work.

Measuring rope

Not everybody carries a measuring tape with them at all times. Twine is a great way to make measurements in the field or to take measurements of an animal or human for later comparison.

Hay net

You can make a hay net using the twine that came with the hay, saving yourself a few bucks.

Twine cutter

Rather than trust that you remembered your belt knife or kept track of the scissors buried in the hayloft, use the friction of baling twine on baling twine to break open new hay bales.


Use a crochet technique to make baling twine baskets, perfect for storing keys or displaying produce.

It’s a long but skillful process for us to use baler twine, aiming to make a better harvest. For plenty of farmers who can’t command correct skills or tools, they may not acquire what they want after long-period effort. As a result, T&H Packaging?is willing to introduce more skills for all of you, leading a fantastic future for you.