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T & H Packaging LLC is a manufacturer, exporter and distributor of high performance agricultural plastic products, working every day with aims of providing better products and services to our customers.?


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Who We Are

T & H Packaging LLC is an international company specializing in manufacturing various agricultural plastic products and selling them worldwide. We focus our efforts on products research and development, producing a great number of packaging products such as Baler Twine, Stretch Film, Silage Bag, etc. Supported by our professional executive team and experienced sales persons, we successfully transport our products to many other countries like America, Canada, Australia, China, and so on.

Currently, we devote ourselves to continuously diversifying our products and meet the demands of more customers. With our efforts and perseverance, we strive to be an irreplaceable supplier of plastic products in the industry. We deeply believe that our high quality products, superior customer service, and enterprising attitude will lead us to success.

Our Values


Being an agricultural plastic products manufacturer, we spend every single minute on research and development, hoping that we can constantly provide high quality products to make your packaging easier.

Customer Care

We deeply believe that there is no company can exist longer without the trust of customers. We always think from customers, produce superior packaging products to meet their needs and patiently solving their packaging problems.


From the perspective of long-term development, we welcome various suggestions to make us a better agricultural plastic products supplier.


We are dedicated to providing superior agricultural plastic products to customers with a long-term, business-sustaining return while becoming an irreplaceable supplier.

Why Buy From Us

Taking high quality as the first priority, T&H has been producing and providing packaging products such as baler twine, net wrap to clients worldwide for years. With the advanced production technology, unique design approach, world class shipping support, and 24/7 customer service, we believe we shall meet all the customer requirements and earn their trust.

Clients across the world

  • John


    There are other brands of baler twines on the market, fortunately I was able to find T&H twine, and after a few adjustments it worked great.

    01 / 04
  • David


    It’s my first time to use T&H?baler twine , it works perfectly in my old baler. Fine quality with a competitve price, my choice for n

    02 / 04
  • Adam


    T&H baler twine?was selling in local farm store, several bucks cheaper than others brands while the quality is better. ?Especially for out

    03 / 04
  • Stephen


    As a dealer, most of my clients are working in baling business. They mentioned that although it’s not a famous twine, but they are pretty happ

    04 / 04