Posted Apr 07, 2017 by Th_info

Before you start to consider tractor attachments and tractor accessories for sale, think about the state of your current equipment. You want to be sure tractor attachments for gardening and tractor attachment parts are attached to equipment that’s in excellent repair so you get the most from your efforts.

Tips for basic maintenance:

Every day (or, every time you use your tractor): Do a visual inspection of your tractor and tractor accessories and attachments for gardening and other tasks. Look carefully for signs of wear or damage. Be sure that tires are in good condition, and look for oil leakages, worn out or damaged belts, and worn out or broken hoses. It’s also a good idea to look at your coolant levels, and don’t forget to check that your seat belt is in good working order – after all, your safety is number one priority.

Often inspect all switches and lights (especially if the tractor will be running before sunrise or after sundown), examine mount and hinge bolts and determine and correct tire pressure if needed. Also, for your safety, be sure your rollover protection system is functioning as it should.

Frequently adjust your brake pedal or pedals and inspect your air filter and clean or replace it as needed. Also examine the cooling fan, notice and adjust battery fluid levels, and grease all lubrication fittings. Remember as well to lubricate your seat suspension, hood and access panel hinges.

Semi-Frequently check your steering linkage as well as your front-wheel alignment. Also change your engine oil and replace the oil filter—check front axle oil level if four-wheel-drive. As needed, adjust the transmission oil level, if it’s different from the hydraulic system.

Every year, replace your coolant and check your antifreeze. At least once yearly, take the time to thoroughly wash your tractor and touch up any scratches on your tractor and tractor attachments. If you want to be extra thorough, take a quick moment to wax your sheet metal.